College Athletes

Athlete exploitation occurs when a college takes advantage of a student athlete by giving Scholarship or compensating less then what they deserve for the amount of work they do.

This happens all the times in college athletics and has become huge problem In USA.

A college athletes is being exploited and this is a question you should ask yourself, because there are prospective professional athletes who are bringing more revenue for the university than most faculty members.

Many people believe that college athletes are already compensated enough, with their free education along with other implicit costs such as living quarters and coaching / training nearly year-round.

However, the amount of money that is being distributed to the players is hardly recognizable compared to the mountains of revenue generated by the University.

The difference between College athlete and non-athlete students is, an Athlete use their talents whereas non-athlete students have no restrictions on using their special talents.

For example:- Michael Dell uses ability to crap personal computers from his dorm room at the University of Texas and its entrepreneurial skills to start his billion-dollar business.

Whereas USA College athletes are denied the right to use the skills to develop college sports to generate money and the only reason college athletes are not allowed to invest in the own financial future because scholarships are assumed to be adequate means.

Other athlete’s student who are not on scholarships also known as walk-on, these walk-ons are going completely unpaid college athletes and make a huge time commitment to

These commitments disallowed them to get a job taking away the ability to make any money for themselves, essentially these student athletes are working for the university for free which is example of the definition of athletic exploitation.

Those athletes who can’t get jobs outside athletics, it would allow any athlete with God-given talent to take advantage of those talents.

Universities exploit players by denying student athletes the right to accept endorsements, the profits from all the endorsement deals are awarded directly to the coach from the University rather than the players who are being represented.

Coaches don’t need endorsements because without them they are still making much dollars a season, allowing student athletes to accept endorsements would help to close the gap between the athletes scholarship compensation and actual expenses.

Athletes who are able to accept endorsements will be more willing to give up their scholarships for the walk-ons, who are not receiving any compensation.

This will also contribute to stop exploitation of college athletes because they would essentially be getting the true all-expense-paid education.

It is true that student athlete who does not want to be exploited can walk away from the program, however where does this leave the athlete with the desire to potentially
Play professional sports.

College athletic programs are used by professional sports as a minor-league, giving the chances to athletes reaching a professional level are virtually non-existent without the proper form to display the talent.

So, I want you to help stop exploitation of college athletes by voicing this message and informing others that the issue is real, if enough people become informed about this topic, we can create change.