Access to Abortions

Without even having a solid and proven standpoint, you can easily enter this kind of debate.

Abortion is a major issue in this modern world with people of diverse cultures, beliefs, and traditions.

This problem is mainly subjected to women as they are the ones who suffer from the intense emotional stress brought by unexpected events, of which some can ruin their entire lives.

Activists and feminists advocate women’s rights to push legal abortion.

It is a constant debate between pro-life and pro-choice where women of different principles raise their views of their preferences of rights and wrongs.

This issue should be taken as a personal choice and not as a collective criticism.

It is because women are all different and their level of experiences vary from one woman to another.
This is a very sensitive topic but it needs to be discussed for the sake of the public.

Pro-life advocates that abortion is a questionable act for a reason that it kills the life of the fetus and thus, this act is similar to committing a crime such as murder.

They have stated that abortion poses risks and opposes those pro-choice women who propose that it is just a medical procedure.

They strongly believe that abortion just gives a ton of money to the abortion industry and the care and consideration to the pregnant women are not fully given.

However, in some cases of late-term abortion, the mother’s health is placed at risk and it can even cost her life.

If you were in the situation, what would you do?

In these days where most people are one-sided and keep on judging the women who want to choose the baby, it becomes hard to voice out your feelings and emotions.

Everyone has a story to tell and they deserve to be heard too.
Yes, it is controversial but you should open your mind and think about the future of these pregnant women.

We should understand their needs and not just accuse them of killing babies.

It is painful and heartbreaking for them to do it and let us learn to respect their reasons, instead of putting them in too many emotional sufferings.

Do not only think of the life of the child while he is a fetus but also visualize the life he will be living when he is given birth.

Many women want to abort their babies because of some considerable reasons.
They are in the complicated situation and they have human feelings too.

Others are not pregnant by choice.

There is a huge number of women who got pregnant because they were brutally raped and sexually assaulted.

These women are not yet prepared to bear and rear a child.

Some of them are ever minor citizens.

That is why instead of constantly judging them, should think of alternative ways and promote to the public the awareness of contraception and safe sex.

Pro-life advocators support the restriction to these birth control and sidetrack the public on the sex education.

Imagine a teenager who was pregnant and humiliated by her friends.

What if her family turn away from her because they see this as a bug sinful act?

What will be her future life?

There should be a solution for every woman and a choice that would help them live a happy and a more comfortable life.

There is a big discrimination against women while they are mostly the victims.
Equality of sexes.

You should evaluate certain situations and balance the condition of a pregnant woman to the community she is living in.

Allowing them to have no choice for their bodies can limit them to do different things and possibly cut off their dreams.

A minor girl will find it difficult to pursue her education because she should take care of her baby.

How will she be going to feed and fund her child if she is unemployed and just a victim of rape?

Pro-life or pro-choice.

The quest to find the real definition of being a woman relies on our own understanding of our rights as a human.

We should not be locked by culture and traditions.

Every one of us deserves a choice; a choice that will free us from the emotional and physical pains that we do not deserve.

Again, it is a matter of how we view the world despite the division of beliefs and standards of our living.