Illegal Immigrants

The war that the United States is currently facing against illegal immigrates is costing the people involved a lot more than just money.

The Government is breaking civil rights by steamrolling people into giving them up and nobody is able to do anything to stop them.

They have been raiding business all across the usa.

They are disrupting lives and businesses that pose absolutely no threat to anyone.

During these raids they are placing hundred of people into prison on the daily.

Mexican’s that are sitting in detention centers awaiting their future are in most cases, severely ill.

They are offered no medical attention during this period of time.

The Government gave up trying to create safe ways for immigrants to come over to the United States.

The lists that they do have for them to come over to America safely, are so back logged; some people are going to be waiting on the list for generations.

They are not looking for a fast route or any other solutions to this problem, other than trying to scare them away from wanting to live here and forcing them to live in the worst situations possible.

Trump wants to build a wall to keep these people out of our Country.

It seems that the ruler of America, has seemingly forgotten what the United States was built upon; the molten pot of difference that has made us who and what we are.

Home of the free, for everyone.

This land is not American peoples.

It is the Native American’s land, which we took from them.

Nothing about the foundation of this country has been done fairly, and again; what we are doing to people who are in search of a better life, is wrong.

People are being killed, beaten, abused, starved, let sit without help while they slowly die and are having their whole families ripped apart and shipped in different parts of the country.

The people who are trying to come over here, they want the same dream, the same hope, the same rights that we take for granted every single day.

This world is ours to share as a whole, not to be divided and torn apart; simply because they were born on a separate piece of land than we were.

We are America, home of the brave.

We are also, America the land that does not understand freedom, for all.

The way that the illegal immigrants have found their selves being treated, is not only wrong in the view of humanity.

It is also disregarding all the values that have been growing since the foundation of America began.

From an insider looking in, it is easy to fall for the reasons that the news is telling you that this is in fact the best thing for America.

When you take a step back from the things that are being pounded into your mind, you can see with clear eyes; that this is exactly the reason that we became free.

Now, here we are, telling other people that they cannot be offered the same things that we died to get not to long ago.