Racial Inequality

Racial Inequality is a major disorder of our society. It is like a virus that has gripped our roots and is proving to be a major source of mistrust among people of different races.

The biggest racial profiling that the world has witnessed is that of the African American by the white supremacists. Giving birth to hatred, mistrust, and fear among the two races.

African Americans have been the target of racism for a very long time.

Every nation and every ethnicity is racism in some way to one another.

Although we try not to be racist, we just areas we tend to be friendlier towards people of our own race.

But the African Americans have had to endure racism on a much harsher level. Long ago they were brought to America as slaves and were forced to live in horrible conditions.

Even now that they have won their freedom the white supremacist make sure to tell them that they have been granted this luxury by them.

Racism against the African American people was so great that at one time it resulted in mob lynching by a white supremacist movement known as the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1800s.

And even after surviving the atrocities committed against them than the African American people still survived and became enraged at the white people as they called them.

Racism did not wane even after African Americas fought in wars standing with the same people that had once treated them as slaves, nor did it become less when they started playing the sports which were once white privilege. Even after becoming free racism did not wane against them.

They were thought to be drug dealers, delinquents, rapists, gangsters and such. There were police brutality instances against them and a majority of African American people were put behind bars for crimes they hadn’t even committed.

Today after becoming more civilized the people are trying their best to move away from racism, doing so has also been due to the fact that if anyone is found of being racist in today’s day and age against any ethnicity they can be put in jail and are also humiliated and berated on social media.

So everyone has become a little conscious about what they say and to whom they are talking about.

But racism against African Americans has not disappeared completely and nor have they forgotten the atrocities that their ancestors had to endure because of this.

Today there is a gap between people especially between African Americans and simple Americans.

The African American people believe the white to be the privilege and believe that through this privilege they have an upper hand.

But racism against the African American community and the harsh reality of the crimes committed against them have been brought into the light by documentaries, movies, songs and African Americans artist.

Today African Americans are dominating the world in every field be it sports, business, politics, acting, music, and anything that you can think of.

They are facing the world with their unbreakable strength which has proved to be even stronger than racism.

People think that African Americans are so successful because they have experienced slavery and going through such a dark time in their lives has provided them with the resolve to do and to accomplish anything they want.

Racism might not be dead and might even not die at all but we can be sure that the resolve of the African American people will get stronger every day.